CD - 12 mantras voor de meridianen door Thomas Chocolat



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The present compositions were realized on the basis of scientific data. They can create and support resonances with the body’s natural motion sequences. Thus, congestion in the energetic pathways of the body can be dissolved and the FLOW OF LIFE can be restored. The 12 Organmantras can be used in many ways in everyday life:
1) as background sounds during the day
2) for active singing along
3) for the targeted regeneration of the weak points of the organs.

Healing with your own voice without previous knowledge. Mantric techniques can be found in all cultures of humanity. The term “mantra” originating from Sanskrit (ancient Indian language of the Vedic scriptures) is simply translated as “magic saying”. Intuitively, the mother starts humming a song when the toddler becomes restless – as a natural remedy to restore the flow of life.

On the following pages you will find descriptions of the 12 communication lines of the organs, the meridian paths of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). Within the TCM the temporal functional processes of the organs play a central role. The so-called ORGANCLOCK has been teaching classical holistic methods of regulation since ancient times in order to have the best possible effect on dysfunctions. The Austrian KLANG researcher THO CHO builds his compositions on empirical and scientific findings. Among other things, he uses frequencies of the acupuncture expert Prof. PHD Bahr and PHD Manfred Reininger, who also finds application in modern laser acupuncture. The use of one’s own voice as a remedy is ancient and confirmed in its effectiveness until today. THO CHO trains interested people in applying their own vocal power and has developed an analysis technique to recognize and use the personal health of one’s own body. The following mantras were developed by THO CHO (excluding the heart mantra) to optimally activate the respective body spaces through special syllable sequences.