CD - Frequenties van de aarde



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Wealth – Harmony – Vitality

  • To harmonize living spaces
  • To neutralize noise (motorwayareas etc.)
  • In therapeutic energy work
  • To harmonize stress, anxiety and mental imbalance
  • For experiencing resonance-ident architecture

Sound Samples – Erd Resonanzen

PART 1 directly effects the nervous system in a shoothing and harmonious way (attuned to the rotatation of the earth around the sun – harmonious standard pitch C sharp with 136.10 hertz) – 26:24

PART 2 Silence – 2:01

PART 3 stabilizes and vitalises the organism, brings clarity on a mental-intellectual level (attuned to the rotation of the Earth around its own axis – harmonious standard pitch g with 194.18 hertz and the precession of the earth – tone f with 172.06 hertz)- 5:18

PART 4 Silence – 2:01

PART 5 promotes inner and outer well-being (attuned to the rotation of Jupiter around the sun – harmonious standard pitch fis with 183.58 hertz) – 12:06

PART 6 Silence – 1:59