Goddess essences Amateras, the female power - gold - 100 ml



Amateras -gold – the secret of the golden thread.

Chakra :base chakra

scent: orange and bergamot

affirmation: I am strong, confident and radiant. In my life I welcome success and abundance

attributes: vitality, harmony beauty, golden thread wisdom

brings: Divine Goddess power and wisdom to earth via the golden thread.

Supports: women to stand in their wisdom and abundance and success

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Amateras is the Japanese Female Sun God and she also goes by the Solar Name - ‘Sahula’. She is the Female Power /Strenght Aspect of the Divine on the Solar Planes. Her special gift is an empowerment to live in harmony and beauty with strenght . She brings a strong grounding energy as well as deep harmony in the Being, with an expansion of consciousness to higher levels.

Gold brings harmony, clarity and balance and the Rainbow Essences bring vitality, joy and strenght. Beluga whale brings good communication and relationship harmony, and Risso's Dolphin brings freshness, cleansing and great clarity with illumination. Seh brings qualities of vitality and harmony and Kareah brings sensuality and warmth.

Energetic ingredients: Amateras Divine Being Energy - Gold 1,2,3 Butterfly - Beluga Whale - Risso's Dolphin - Rainbow 3 and Rainbow 1 Butterfly - Seh Seraphim Angel and Kareah Cherubim Angel Being Energies.