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This is a powerful essence to help us shine our
Maharastha God with Fin Whale & Dragon Energy.

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i Light Essence
The God Maharastha brings Divine power to the heart chakra. Helping us to stand alone in our own Light, and deal with whatever the world throws at us.

He can help you stop being a victim and become Master of your life. He is very good for timid, nervous or fearful people. Furthermore, he helps us to build a deep inner confidence and strength so we can face anything, especially evil and problems coming from many levels of existence at once. He brings great power and ease in our whole being, enhancing effortless and efficient functioning at all levels in ourselves.

The Fin Whales bring a deep, relaxed and lasting confidence and trust in our own judgement and decisions. We no longer need to feel dependent on Higher Guidance, rather we have an inner strength that helps us work with this guidance on an equal basis. They bring qualities of endurance, strength and inner security. Both Maharastha and these whales help us to overcome fear and anxiety.

There are two Dragon energies in this Essence – Grizlane and Rufus. They bring Divine Power directly into our body and earthly lives. Grizlane brings real power to the mind and the will, and Rufus brings fire power to our physical/etheric being. This helps us to apply the Divine power of Maharastha to the practical aspects of our life in a smooth and effortless way. They help us to be self sufficent.

In these dark and troubled times, iLight will help you to be a beacon of strength and wisdom for others, as well as for yourself. Inner security, relaxed confidence and clear planning of our lives will become the norm and others will naturally trust us and depend on us.

Maharastha’s affirmation sums it up perfectly :

I am Master of my whole life, and I am completely at ease with everything around me. Others feel my strength and feel comfortable and secure around me, and I can achieve everything I need to smoothly and effortlessly. Real success and perfect connection with technology now will manifest.