God elixir Maharastha, love and creativity 100 ml



chakra: throat

scent: Cypress oil.

affirmation: Be still and open your senses to find peaceful bliss and strength the power of love .

attributes: I enter in deep peaceful strength that will be experienced by others as well. Old wisdom can be heard when we are still.

Brings: strength to face anyone or anything even evil. Protection against WIFI interference

supports: Deep inner peace and blissful silence. Love and harmony with and of the Spheres.

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He is the Power/Strength aspect of God on the mid Divine Planes living on the 4th Divine Plane. He is partner to the Goddess Mirani. He embodies power in the heart of God, and the power connected with all aspects of the Being in ourselves, as the heart is connected with the whole Being, as the central co- ordination point.

He brings great power and ease in our whole being helping effortless and efficient functioning at all levels in ourselves. He brings confidence to do anything and to face anyone in a very easeful, but powerful way. He represents the Throat Chakra in the Divine Planes, which is the power centre of Heaven (the Divine Planes) so he brings the power to clear and precise self expression, and harmonious will and purpose.

Maharastha represents the Will of God and He defends Creation from evil and destructive Beings who have the intent to harm and oppress others. His speciality is healing Creation from the effect of dark side technologies and liberating those oppressed, harmed and subjugated by others.

He is strong, sensitive and wise and likes quietness and contemplation. He is very clear about priorities in life and believes in applying ancient wisdom to everyday life. He loves relationships and adores females.

Personally He will help you stop being a victim and become Master of your life, and he is very good for timid, nervous or fearful people. He helps us to build a deep inner confidence and strength so we can face anything, especially evil and problems coming from many levels at once. He likes working with the Internet and computers to solve energetic, electronic issues and to help our success in learning, work and business. He strengthens the Will, calms nerves and dissolves confusion and disharmony. He can give us the power to overcome evil and resist fear and manipulation.

Maharastha gives us the real power to Love, and heals the world by restoring the Power of Love, to oppose those on the Dark Side who have the Love of Power. In this way he quickly restores the good, healthy functioning of Creation, overcoming sickness, negativity and the fear of death and He liberates us from the grip of evil and fear.

In His elixir he has the cool silver blue colour energies of Butterfly levels 1, 2 & 3. These bring a beautiful alignment with the Divine Will and inner freedom with real strength. They balance Power and Love bringing beautiful relationships with the opposite sex and perfect wellbeing in mind and body.

His Sea Creature essence is “Blue Glaucus” which is a type of Nudibranch. It is an energy of peace and protection having the form of a dragon which brings us