Eva's kleurflits: meditatie 10 april en Maharastha

A Love Meditation for Healing and New Beginnings for ourselves and our relationships. A perfect time, just after Easter, the 10th of April 10.30 CET, 9.30 u GMT on zoom. Please use the link below

We are creating a new world with the Divine Gods and Goddesses in the great “Divine Reset” that is happening now. Alina and Baleh bring a deep and strong revitalization of Love in our life.

Alina brings the heavenly Love to us as happiness, joy and optimism by grounding the Divine Love energy in our mind and emotions. She is the Solar Goddess of Love and Creativity.

Baleh is the male source of this Divine Love and stands more in a father role bringing a mature and deep Love with fantastic visual creativity and vision. His attention to practical details is very good, and peaceful relaxed consciousness makes interactions with others very easy.

Here is the link:

Topic: A meditation with Alina and Baleh
Time: Apr 10, 2021 10:30 AM CET, Amsterdam and 9.30 am BMT London

Join Zoom Meeting: klik hier.

Meeting ID: 868 0377 4303
Passcode: 185896

Goed nieuws over Maharastha:
De flessen kunnen worden gevuld en verstuurd. Volgende week zal de nieuwe God Maharastha aan jullie gestuurd kunnen worden. Om te bestellen klik hier.


He is the Power/Strength aspect of God on the mid-Divine Planes living on the 4th Divine Plane. He is partnered to the Goddess Mirani. Furthermore, he embodies the strength power in the heart of God. He therefore also is our power/strength heart aspect in ourselves, and as the heart is the central coordination point of our being, so his strength will infuse you..

He represents the Throat Chakra in the Divine Planes, which is the power/ strength centre of Heaven in the Divine Planes. Likewise, he brings the power for clear and precise self-expression, and harmonious will and purpose. He strengthens the Will, calms nerves and dissolves confusion and disharmony. He can give us the power to overcome evil and resist fear and manipulation

A Key God for our Time

Paas overdenking :
"The wheels that are going to get you through daily life are two things: Humour and Wit. Add a cup of humour and a cup of wit to every hour of your life and these are the wheels that will keep you turning." Humour and Wit. Remember that.’

C.JoyBell C.

Fijne, vrolijke Pasen en tot de 10e april,
Eva Domhoff.