Goddess essence Kaya, divine mother- pink - 50 ml

Referentie: GEL-C-KAYA-50


chakra: solar plexus,

scent: Rose

Affirmation: I have total emotional support of Divine Mother . I am deeply thankful for her support.

Attributes: Divine Mother Love, emotional repair.

Brings: Divine Mother love.

Supports: emotional repair, release of emotional blockage’s, restores resonance with the soul.

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KAYA Divine Mother. There are no words at can do justice to this Elixir. It is pure Love and an Essence for restoration for the emotions and all levels of our Being. It is especially a support for women, and is like an elixir of life acting as a energetic remedy for many female issues. Psychologically and emotionally it uplifts and supports us with a deep Love in the Heart and Joy in the Being. A gentleness and deep peace come over the Being dissolving problems and sadness. Working with a soft scent of the purest Rose it pours Love into the Being providing energetic support for the reproductive system and a deep wellbeing at all levels.

Kaya's being Energy is pure Love for all Beings and She gently uplifts and cares for each person to restore us to our original perfection and wellbeing. All the energies work through the Pink 1,2,3 Butterfly colour energies bringing Love and Wholeness facilitating emotional, mental and spiritual Love. The Pink Dolphin ( Indo Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin ) supports our close Love Relationships by dissolving fear and tension showing us the path of true harmony and happiness. Bryde's Whale helps us to be in the moment with real enjoyment and acceptance and improving relationships and our ability just 'to be'. Sea Pen is a Love energy of the sea bringing warmth , appreciation, friendship and kindness to others. Rhodocrosite is a Love Stone which floods our subtle bodies with love bringing emotional wellbeing and more loving interactions with others. Bleeding Heart helps to mend a broken heart bringing renewed trust and openess to Love in our hearts, after painful and traumatic relationship experiences. The Male Angel Kir looks after the order of Life making sure at Justice is done so life is fair for all people. Hamea, the female Cherubim Angel is a pure channel of Divine Love bringing pure Joy and a fine lightness of Being.

Energetic ingredients: Kaya Divine Being Energy - Pink 1,2,3 Butterfly - Indo Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin - Bryde's Whale - Sea Pen - Rhodocrosite Gem - Bleeding Heart Flower - Kir Seraphim Angel & Hamea Cherubim Angel.